Writing, Not Hustling

I learned that I work best if I write down what I think. Joan Didion nailed it when she said, “I don't know what I think until I write it down.” This blog is where I want to do more of that – think out loud, minus the fuss about making it perfect, polishing or selling something.

So I'm shifting gears, yet again. This site isn’t for personal branding or hustling for likes and reach. It’s for me, and maybe for you, if you’re into exploring thoughts without the noise.

Joel Hooks actually put this once in a way that I'm super into:

The idea of a "blog" needs to get over itself. Everybody is treating writing as a "content marketing strategy" and using it to "build a personal brand" which leads to the fundamental flawed idea that everything you post has to be polished to perfection and ready to be consumed.


This idea is toxic and led me to publish less and less over time.

That’s the vibe I want here. More thinking, less showcasing and hustle.

This place is for us to think, share, and maybe learn a bit along the way. No pressure, no polish. Just raw thoughts, figuring stuff out together.