Stay Sharp: Resist Overusing AI

I love all the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, and I use tools like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and a bunch of others many times per day.

However, I've experienced the consequences of becoming too dependent on these shiny new toys. Sure, we can be so much more productive now, crank out work that seems good in a fraction of the time that it used to take. I'm doing this daily.

I urge you, though, to not overdo it, especially in fields of work you care about and want to grow. Here's why:

AI is a shortcut #

Shortcuts are never good for anything when it comes to learning. Taking the easy road doesn't lead to deep understanding. Your foundations of knowledge will crumble if you rely too heavily on AI.

Diminished Problem-Solving Skills #

We are so blessed that we have our brains to create things and solve complex problems. Those things can't be replicated by AI. Regularly turning to AI can erode your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Quality Compromise #

Shortcuts may lead to quicker results, but often at the expense of quality. I see this with code every day. Sure, the work AI spits out often looks impressive, but if you look closer it's actually very shallow, lacks attention to detail and precision.

So, keep this in mind when you reach for AI tools in your daily life. Don't let it take over the things you care about or want to learn. Use it as a sidekick that pokes holes into your own arguments or does brainstorming jam-sessions with you. But don't let it put in the reps for you.

I'll finish this off with the words of Jason and Brian from GFDA: "A computer is a Lite-Brite for bad fucking ideas" 😁

How do you use AI in your daily life? Do you have any tips on how to not overdo it? Hit me up on the twitters, I would love to hear more about that!