Things I've learned from running

To me, running is more than just a way to stay healthy. It has taught me valuable lessons that I, over time, started to apply to my professional life and other areas. Here are my favorite ones:

Measure Progress #

Running is easy to measure. You log kilometers, heart rate, and times. You see if you improve.

At work, progress is harder to see. So, I keep a bullet journal to track wins and losses. Like logging kilometers, it helps me see growth and stay motivated.

Stick to the Plan #

Many days, I don't want to run. I started putting my runs on the calendar and go anyway. When it's on the calendar, I don't ask if I want to go. I just go.

I started applying this habit to other parts of my life. Even for fun stuff. In fact, I got one of Jesse Itzler's bigass calendars this year, and love it. Putting things on my calendar is sort of a mini contract with myself.

Focus on Consistency #

As with every sport, the key is to stay consistent. Every run, especially the hard ones, builds endurance, strength, and discipline.

It's the same in life. Consistent effort, even in small amounts, leads to big results. It's not about one big push, but steady, ongoing work.

Learn from Every Run #

Each run teaches me something. Some days are easy, some are tough. I learn about my limits, my strengths, and how to push through challenges.

This applies to all areas of life. Every task, even small ones, offers lessons. Pay attention and embrace each experience as an opportunity to grow and improve.

Running has changed my life. It taught me to measure progress, stick to the plan, stay consistent, and learn from each step. These habits have made me more disciplined, reliable, and brought me closer to my goals. Small steps lead to big changes, and running is a perfect example of that.

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