Body Doubling Is The Ultimate Cheat Code for Serial Procrastinators

I've always been a hardcore procrastinator.

My mind operated like a dog, chasing shiny objects and distractions left and right, only doing the actual work in the very last second, if even.

Meditation helped with that, but the ultimate cheat code was body doubling.

What is Body Doubling #

It's a simple concept: you work with one or more partners, either next to you or online. Their presence alone boosts your focus, making it easier to stay on task and plow through the work. It really works like magic.

Today, procrastination is basically a thing of the past. I bang out 3-4 hour blocks of deep work, daily and effortlessly. And it feels amazing.

The Tools I Use #

I currently use two tools that enable body doubling for me

The Sukha: The OG and what introduced me to body doubling in the first place. I use it daily to help me especially with days that are fractured by meetings and other distractions. I start the timer and jump into "The Coffee Shop", where I see the moving avatars of other folks from around the world chipping away at their tasks. It's like a beautiful online co-working space, full of great people with similar goals. This gets me into laser-focus mode in no time.

Focusmate: It's a 1-on-1 pairing app I use for my morning deep work sessions from 4am to 7am. You meet with a single partner for 25, 50 or 75 minutes at a time, do affirmations before a session and then do a review at the end to see how it went. I love the intentionality behind this and that I need to know what to work on beforehand.

So, these are the two tools I use daily and what changed the game for me.

Are you a procrastinator? Let me know about your battle-tactics on Twitter, I'm always eager to learn and improve. 🙏