Back in 2003, I dove into the world of blogging. I wrote about tech, coding, and random thoughts that popped into my head. Back then, it felt easy, like riding a bike downhill. I wasn't concerned with what others thought. I just shared and had fun.

But as time passed, things changed. I met many smart people online and in person. My craft improved, and with each new thing I learned, my understanding of what was considered "good" shifted. I saw brilliance around me and set higher standards for myself. Slowly, without even realizing it, I found myself sharing less and less. What started as an occasional hesitation turned into a habit of holding back.

Then, something clicked. A few weeks ago, I was at Microconf Europe. Even though I knew less about business and indie hacking than I do about programming, I engaged in meaningful conversations. I listened, shared my thoughts, and felt actually confident. It struck me that my confidence wasn't about how much I knew, but about being genuine and excited to learn.

It made me think: Maybe writing programming tutorials isn’t what I truly wanted after all. It wasn't about showcasing perfection but about embracing exploration. As we evolve, our passions might shift, and that's perfectly okay.

Moving forward I want to talk more about business, building things, and growing as a person. It's not about knowing it all, but about being curious and learning. Often whatever I'll write will be just for myself, to help me and clarify my thinking. A blog is supposed to be a journal after all. I hope you'll join me on this new path.

Ever felt a push to try something new? What did you learn from it? Hit me up on Twitter and tell me all about it: @marcelfahle.